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Can You File Your US Taxes Online - via E-file?


At Taxes for Expats we work hard to make your US Tax filing process as easy and hassle-free as possible. That means processing all your tax documents online and e-filing your return. We appreciate that nobody wants to deal with the hassle of printing paper returns and trips to the post office (maybe that's why the Postal Service is always verging on bankruptcy - 1976, 2011?)

We are usually able to file your tax return online but in certain cases (due to IRS regulations) that option is not available. Then a paper version of the return must be sent to the IRS. Here is the list of these cases:

  • Tax returns older than 3 years
  • Dual-status alien tax returns
  • Selected state returns with a non-US mailing address (we will let you know if your state allows e-filing)
  • Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure returns

Please make sure to use the correct mailing address and submit your paper return to the IRS Service Center that handles returns of your type. If you file in response to an IRS notice, check with the agent handling your case before mailing your tax return.